Creative Candy Box Designs

When you settle on a candy box as a gift to your loved ones, the next step is deciding whether you want to purchase it or give them a custom made one. There are many tutorials online that show you guided steps on how to make wonderful candy boxes. Whether you choose to make your own candy box or purchase it from a local gift shop, the packaging of the box is very important.

First impressions always go a long way in determining to what extent people like your gift. Presentations are, therefore, very important when you are trying to make the best impression. A nicely packaged gift depicts that you put thought and time into it and this adds to the gift.

Whether you are purchasing a candy box from the store or making a DIY candy box, then you may want to consider these factors.

1. Product Appeal
If you decide to purchase a candy box from the store, then you may want to choose one that is appealing. With the preferences of the person, you are purchasing the gift for in mind, or even according to your own taste, select a gift that draws the eye. A candy box that has a plain and dull design may not encourage excitement to the recipient of your gift. Therefore, always go for a product that has been tastefully decorated and designed.

If you decide to make the candy box from the comfort of your home, then you may want to add decorations to it to make it more appealing. Some of the decorations that you can make from home include magazine or newspaper cut-outs, ribbons or glitter, to add a bit more allure to the candy box.

If finances are not a problem, then to add onto your homemade candy box you may want to purchase more decorations such as decorative paper, but if finances are a bit tight, then customizing products that you already have may be enough. For example, you could make ribbons from newspaper cutouts or even cotton yarn.

2. Sturdiness and type of candy
When purchasing a candy box from the store, do not go for the boxes that seem to have been there for too long and have begun to succumb to wear and tear. Similarly, if you decide to make a candy box at home, then you want to choose a box that is strong enough to hold the items that you are planning on putting. Also, if you are planning on gifting the recipient with multiple candies then you may want to choose a candy box that they can see through and appreciate the variety of candy in. Choosing a box that shows off the candy collection you chose will make the gift more interesting.

3. The occasion
Different occasions may require you to package your candy box differently. If you are purchasing your candy box from the store, then you may notice that there are specialty boxes made for various occasions such as birthdays, graduations or Valentine’s Day. Some examples of specialty boxes include polka dot heart shaped boxes for an occasion such as Valentine’s, Mother’s Day or even birthdays.

Presenting a creative and well-packaged will add some amount of joy to the person that is receiving the gift. Therefore, ensure that whether you are purchasing a candy box from the store, or making them from your home, your decorations are spot on and appealing.


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